Wine Lovers Club - Tabalí


In 1997 La Cav, a Chilean wine company, created a Wine Club called Wine Lovers. The goal of this club is to be the link between wineries and wine enthusiasts.

The club sends a “surprise” box to their members monthly and the idea is to show different wineries by sending one or more of their labels together with a specialized catalog containing detailed information about the winery. The members also receive a special price list with discounted prices as well as a program with activities which try to educate consumers and make the consumers live “the wine experience”.

The company continues to grow in number of subscribers every month and has expanded to all the main cities of Chile.
For the Wine Lovers Club, the company writes a guide every year called Mesa de Cata. The guide includes reviews and ratings of the more than 1,600 wines that are tasted and evaluated. You can find a detailed and specific selection of labels of all price ranges and qualities in each yearly edition.

All tastings are carried out blind, meaning that the judges do not know what specific wine it is they taste. They only know the valley, vintage, and its price category. The tastings are carried out in a room with neutral lighting, where no aromas or annoying noises can affect the tasting process.

We are happy to communicate that 3 of our wines have been the winners in their respective categories:
Talinay Chardonnay 2019 – 98 points – Winner of the Chardonnay category
Talud Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 – 97 points – Winner of the Cabernet Sauvignon category
Talinay Lítico Malbec 2017 – 96 points — Winner of the Malbec category