Talinay - Tabalí


Located in Limarí Valley, 12km from the Pacific Ocean, with a cool coastal climate and the soil are limestone slopes.


This is a very unusual landscape, as it is completely unpopulated. It adjoins the Fray Jorge National Park and forms part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The proximity to the sea and the entry of sea breezes make this a cool area for producing wines. It is very cloudy in the mornings and the camanchaca sea fog effect kicks in in the afternoons. The dense fog settles in the high parts of the Altos de Talinay hills and gives life to the forest of Fray Jorge.Read More



This is the most important factor in the character of the wines from this vineyard. This area has a geological phenomenon that is unique in Chile. The vineyards are planted on limestone soils where the rock is limestone, which gives a very particular characteristic to the wines.Road More



The wines are of great character, very mineral, elegant and fresh. They have long ageing potential because of their excellent evolution in bottle. The nose is very pure and precise, lending the whites an almost marine sensation, while the Pinot Noir has notes of gunpowder, damp stone, spices and forest floor. Read More