Río Hurtado - Tabalí


Located in Limarí Valley, at 1,600 meters high, with volcanic rock soil and on a slope that faces east.


The landscape in this area is very powerful with a deep blue sky that is cloudless most of the year. The sun beats down during the day and in the afternoons the hills gradually change hue. At night, the sky is clean, sharply clear and full of stars. The valley becomes very narrow and the slopes of the hills ever steeper. It reaches a point where the valley width is reduced almost to the width of the river (which is not much). The slopes are dotted with rocks, cacti and some algarrobo trees. The valley bottom is very green but only because of the river. This is a sparsely habited area, precarious and rural, with very humble buildings, mostly of adobe. The oldest ones have roofs made of reeds.


The area has a mixture of soils: alluvial, transitional (alluvial-colluvial), colluvial, granitic and, in other areas, soils of altered andesite rock in situ, meaning it has decomposed there, rather than being carried there by rivers or gravity. This type of rock is called alterite. In the Roca Madre plot, there is a particular soil, formed gradually by the decomposition of the volcanic rock (andesite). The mother rock here is almost a metre deep and very fractured. This enables the roots to enter the earth, making it possible for the plant to explore the whole geological profile. The resulting wines are of high quality, elegance and complexity and, above all, offer unrivalled typicity.



The wines produced in this vineyard are unique and, like all Tabalí wines, reveal their origin. They are ripe, because of the high solar radiation in the area, but fresh because of the altitude (average temperatures do not exceed XX°C) and also because the slope where the vines are planted is east-facing, so it receives the sun in the morning and mid-afternoon. When the sun hides, temperatures plummet. This thermal amplitude results in deep-coloured, juicy, full-bodied wines with ripe tannins, excellent pH and higher acidity, which makes the wine much more refreshing.