Dom - Tabalí


Located in Maipo Valley, on the Coastal Mountain Range, on a south facing slope, with a colluvial soil.


This vineyard is located in the Metropolitan Region, in a transversal mountain chain belonging to the Coastal Range. The vines are planted on a gentle, south-facing slope and therefore receive much less sunshine in the summer, making it cooler.Read More


The soil is on a slope of colluvial origin broken up by very stony layers. These have been formed because high up, in some parts of the hills, there are cliffs with fractured rocks that fall to the base and rest there, forming a soil with very angular stones.Read More


This vineyard produces one of the best Cabernet Sauvignons in Chile. The variety achieves excellent expression here, reaching a level of unrivalled elegance and great quality, with a highly complex, elegant nose and silky tannins.Read More