Robert Parket says “love at first sight” when talking about Talinay PAI 2018 - Tabalí


He adds later in the article that this new wine goes straight to the premier league of Pinot Noir from Chile.


Robert Parker published a new article about Chile and these are his comments about our wines:

PINOT NOIR 2018 – 96 points
“It was produced with grapes from two massal selections from Vosne-Romanée and Gevrey-Chambertin in Burgundy. It’s a unique 1.15 hectares of vines that were planted in 2012, and the first commercial wine was produced in 2018. This goes straight to the premier league of Pinot Noir form Chile. It’s an impressive debut, truly spectacular and with a completely different personality, keeping the Talinay saltines and austerity with added complexity and elegance. It breaks the mold. Bravo!”

SAUVIGNON BLANC 2019 – 95 points
“This is tight and serious, a little closed at first and not very aromatic, but it has an electric palate with big bones and more meat than the Vetas Blancas. It has power to stand up to almost any food and all the ingredients for a long and positive development in bottle. I’d like to see this in a blind flight with top some Sancerre. Incredible Sauvignon Blanc!”

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2015 – 94 points
“It’s selected from a 2.16-hectare plot (the vineyard has a total of 80 hectares) from a coastal part of Maipo, a south-facing (cooler) slope rich in basalt that was planted in 1999. This seems to be evolving at a different pace—very slowly. It’s serious and harmonious, a remarkable addition to the portfolio.”

MALBEC 2017 – 93+ points
“It was produced with grapes from Sauvignon Blanc vines planted in 2008 on limestone-rich soils that were regrafted to Malbec in the year 2012. They regrafted 1.28 hectares to Malbec (clone 180) and found that the grape faithfully represented the Talinay soils (as I have seen in other limestone-rich places in Mendoza, Argentina), with body and freshness.”

MALBEC 2017 – 93 points
“This has a serious and somewhat more Mediterranean nose with aromas of dry straw. It’s ripe without excess and has a more vibrant palate with fine tannins and good acidity.”

SYRAH 2016 – 93 points
“This seems to come from a different oenological era. More in line with the rest of the wines from Talinay, as it is sharper and has a tasty, almost salty finish. This is not that varietal, as it’s more about the place, with subtler aromas and a killer palate with very fine tannins.”

CHARDONNAY 2019 – 93 points
“It’s made with the oldest Chardonnay planted in Talinay in 2006 on cool slopes rich in limestone and with a notable exposure to the wind. This has very integrated oak and a vibrant and sharp palate with a salty finish, saltier than ever. It has the precision of Talinay, especially for the whites, combining structure with freshness and consistency year after year.”

SAUVIGNON BLANC 2019 – 93 points
“These wines are always low-ish in alcohol and have notable acidity, a sharp and pungent profile with underlying minerality and a salty finish. This has great grip and is serious, mineral and salty, getting closer in style to the Talinay bottling than the Pedregoso. This shows the Tabalí character at a very good price point.”

RED BLEND 2017 – 92 points
“It contains 45% Cabernet Sauvignon from DOM in Maipo, 20% each Syrah and Cabernet Franc from Limarí and 15% Malbec from Río Hurtado. It’s the third vintage of this wine, and it feels dominated by the Cabernet on the nose with the vibrancy of the Limarí grapes. The idea is to blend the best from each place.”

MALBEC – CABERNET FRANC 2017 – 92 points
“It’s very impressive and really integrated, with the two grapes complementing each other and coming through as harmonious and with very good freshness, combining power and elegance. It’s floral and spicy, with fine tannins and a dry, serious finish. It seems to transcend the vintage and the price point.”

VIOGNIER 2018 – 91 points
“Produced with grapes from 0.7 hectares in their extreme vineyard in Río Hurtado at 1,600 meters in altitude. It has a flinty/smoky character, which is unusual, as it fermented and matured in stainless steel and didn’t touch any oak.”

TALUD – 91 points
“Their three Cabernet Sauvignons come from the DOM vineyard, but they have different personalities since they select the grapes by soil. It’s juicy and expressive, tasty and unmistakably Chilean. It has great freshness for a warmer year.”

PINOT NOIR 2017 – 91 points
“This is impressively fresh for a vintage like 2017 and kept its poise when tasted next to the other Pinots from 2018. It has pure and bright red fruit, a spicy touch and a salty/tasty twist on the finish. It’s delicious and feels like a great step up over previous years. According to winemaker Felipe Müller, this result is due to the early harvest, the stems in the fermentation and the gentle vinification and élevage, plus the fact that the vines are getting older and more balanced, with deeper roots into the limestone soils.”

CABERNET FRANC 2017 – 91 points
“It comes from their El Espinal vineyard, which provides for that fresh tastiness and the sapid, almost salty touch from the limestone soils and the sea influence. Delicious and a steal. Impressive for the warmer 2017.”

SYRAH 2018 – 91 points
“Shows the pungent aromas of Syrah in Limarí in a cold year like 2018, getting very close to the nose of a Northern Rhône, with tapenade, smoky bacon and some violets. It’s juicy and tender, with very fine tannins and a pungent finish with some tar notes and a salty twist, like salty licorice.”

CARMENÈRE 2017 – 90 points
“Micas is produced with grapes from Peumo in Cachapoal, the most prestigious place for the grape in Chile, from a vineyard planted in 1947.It’s spicy and varietal, with some cedar wood and cigar ash, quite balanced and harmonious.”

SYRAH 2017 – 90 points
“The fruit is darker and the palate is round, compensated by good acidity.”

CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2019 – 90 points
“It’s harmonious and balanced and was matured in neutral, well-seasoned oak barrels, so they respect the fruit.”

PINOT NOIR 2018 – 90 points
“This is pure Limarí, earthy, expressive and clean, with contained ripeness (it’s 13.5% alcohol), a soft palate but some chalky tannins and a long, tasty finish. Impressive for an entry-level Pinot.”

ROSÉ PINOT NOIR 2019 – 90 points
“The grapes were picked very early, and the wine was produced in a light and fresh style, quite pale in color and with some floral aromas. This was developed after they started producing the base wines for the sparkling bottlings. This is not a subproduct of other wines; it is produced as a separate rose wine right from the start, selecting the grapes to show fresh and floral character.”

SAUVIGNON BLANC 2019 – 90 points
“Produced with grapes from Talinay, from stonier and flatter plots. This is a great value; it’s a lot more serious than what the price point might suggest.”