Felipe Müller East: Winemaker of the year - Tabalí

Felipe Müller East: Winemaker of the year

Descorchados has chosen Felipe Müller East as Winemaker of the year in Chile.


Patricio Tapia, the journalist and author of this guide, has gained a remarkable reputation in the wine trade and Descorchados has become the main reference for South American wines. Nowadays Patricio Tapia also writes for Wine & Spirits and Decanter.

Patricio Tapia writes: “Everything begins with a great terroir, the limestone soils of the Talinay vineyard. The slopes on the coastal area of the Limarí Valley are very special. And then, how important it is to have the skills of a vineyard manager like Héctor Rojas, who has known how to work with the soil and the vines planted”.

He continues saying: “But an important part of the work is in the interpretation of that special place. And that’s where this year Felipe has shown a battery of wines full of character, full of strength. Not only the tremendous Talinay Pinot Noir 2018, the best red of this year in Descorchados, but also the chardonnay and sauvignon blanc, both of the Talinay range, are showing an outstanding quality. And if that wouldn´t be enough, we should see the whole portfolio of Tabalí, which has shown impeccable consistency, from the most basic Pedregoso wines to the most premium wines such as Dom, Roca Madre or Payen. All red wines go far beyond in quality and reflect the sense of place and character.

This is the third time that Felipe is named ‘Best Winemaker of the Year’. This first time was in the sixteenth version of “Guía de Vinos de Chile 2010”, when this book used to be Chile’s most prestigious wine industry publication, although nowadays it isn´t published anymore. This distinction was an important recognition for the enthusiasm, passion and dedication he puts in crafting wines.

Later, in January 2014, Felipe was chosen ‘Best Young Winemaker’ (next to Aurelio Montes who was chosen Best Senior Winemaker) by El Mercurio, Chile’s leading newspaper.