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Viña Tabalí’s new image

Viña Tabalí has decided to renew its image to make it consistent with the quality of its wines and to position itself in the contemporary field of global wine production.


Viña Tabalí is giving itself a makeover in order to show coherence and transparency with the origin and uniqueness of its wines. The new image is minimalist and modern and highlights the brand even more on every bottle by organizing ranges of wines into families. In addition, the winery has decided that the information on its front labels will be printed only in Spanish as this is the language of origin and the company seeks to be consistent in communications regarding the place of origin of its wines. The back label is completely innovative, offering a descriptive image of the vineyard and containing technical information of interest to consumers.

The name of each wine is printed vertically on the capsule in contrasting colours, setting the selection apart.

The company’s icon wines –Payen and Roca Madre- have undergone an even more radical change. In both cases the name of the wine appears as an artistic, unconventional drawing.

Singular vineyards, singular names

The names have been changed to associate them with the geology of the vineyards the wines come from.
The Reserva range will now be called Pedregoso because the vineyards/fruit used for this range have stony, infertile soils that produce low yields, resulting in high quality wines.

The former Reserva Especial range from the Espinal and Talinay vineyards will now be called Vetas Blancas, referring to the white, limestone soils that look like veins in the various soil profiles and which give the wines high levels of minerality, elegance, complexity and freshness.

“This entire change communicates what the company is today: a modern winery that seeks to surprise consumers with its wines, focusing on the origins and characteristics of the soils. We want to reach people who are looking for unique, high quality wines,” says Felipe Müller, General Manager and Chief Winemaker at Tabalí.