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Tabali shines on Descorchados’ 2021 Masterclasses

The prestigious wine guide Descorchados, the most comprehensive South American publication, written by the specialized Chilean journalist Patricio Tapia, has just hosted a series of Masterclasses in Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Given the global pandemic, the events were held with a very limited number of attendees in Brazil, but the workshops were broadcasted live to viewers all over the globe, for free, through YouTube and Instagram.

This year´s program was organized into thematic panels, each one featuring producers who showed their wines and discussed themes with the author of the book, the Chilean Patricio Tapia. Patricio has worked with some of the most respected publications in the wine industry like Wine & Spirits Magazine in the USA, and Decanter Magazine in the UK. From Brazil, Christian Burgos. ADEGA Magazine’s CEO, and Eduardo Milan, ADEGA Magazine’s wine editor, participated in the workshops.

Felipe Müller, Tabali’s CEO and Chief Winemaker was invited to participate in three of the masterclasses, where the Tabali wines shined with its singularity and terroir expression.

Tabali Talinay Chardonnay 2020 – Descorchado’s White Wine of the Year with 98 points – was presented by Felipe Müller as part of the workshop titled “Chardonnay, the new South American superhero”. Patricio explained Chardonnay has had a very interesting development in the last years in the region, and that it is the variety with which you can get the best white wines in South America. Müller highlighted that this wine comes form the Talinay Vineyard, only 12 kms away from the Pacific Ocean, which has a huge coastal influence on the climate causing a constant cool sea breeze. But Felipe explains that what makes the wines stand out are the distinct and exceptional soils from this vineyard. This wine comes from specific slopes of calcareous soils where the rock is limestone.  This is a place with a geological phenomenon that is unique in Chile and that gives a very particular characteristic to the wines, having a low fruit expression but a very elegant, austere, mineral taste, with great tension, and nerve.

Tabali Talinay Sauvignon Blanc 2020, that was awarded with 96 points in the wine guide, was part of the masterclass titled “Sauvignon, Taste of Rock”, where Tapia highlights that this is a variety that has been showing great quality and consistency. The Limarí Valley has been established as a new alternative for whites to the more traditional coastal valleys such as Casablanca and Leyda, and Talinay Sauvignon Blanc excels, offering a very different wine, where you can taste all the elegance and minerality given by the calcareous rock of its terroir of origin in the extreme coastal Talinay Vineyard. Müller explained that this wine comes from a singular terroir, has a different vineyard management and a special treatment in the winery, giving as a result a unique and complete Sauvignon Blanc, with great structure and at the same time acidity, that has a long ageing potential as it evolves wonderfully in the bottle.

Last but not least, Tabali Vetas Blancas Cabernet Franc was part of the Masterclass titled “Carmenere and Cabernet Franc, cousins and friends”. Patricio Tapia explained these two varieties have a lot in common, like the bell pepper aromas (pyrazines), its softness and sweetness. Tapia also explained these 2 varieties are developing in a great way in south America, specifically in Chile and Argentina, having evolved in the past years towards a fresher expression than the big wines the region used to produce. This wine was chosen in the Descorchados Guide as Best Cabernet Franc from Chile and Revelation wine of the year, receiving 96 points. Felipe Müller explained this wine comes from El Espinal vineyard; a cool climate vineyard located 24 kms from the ocean on the oldest alluvial terrace in the coastal section of the Limarí Valley. This soil is very stony but has veins of limestone in the form of dust, mainly consisting of calcium carbonate. Years ago, Felipe was looking for another red wine variety to plant in the Limarí Valley, and he thought the combination of cool climate, calcareous soils, and dry weather (where you can control the harvest date searching for the optimal time of maturity) would be perfect for Cabernet Franc. This wine has fantastic fruit, very good concentration, with species and a little herbal touch. Felipe explained that they do a very delicate extraction of tannins. As a result, Cabernet Franc from Limarí valley has shown a great potential for this variety in blends as well as monovarietal wines.

Viña Tabali is very proud to have been part of the Descorchados 2021 Masterclasses, where they showcased the whole panorama of the wine scene of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay, from the largest wineries to the smallest producers and artisans.